30th March 2017

where goes the moon
in the pre-dawn light
a time of crows

28th March 2017

 beyond summer...
a meadow lark's song
at any price

27th March 2017

summer with you
reading Persian poetry
for the first time

26th March 2017

 fading sight
shadows dancing
in my mind's eye

25th Mrch 2017

morning calm...
tai chi windmills
on the beach

24th March 2017

high noon
even the dog and the wind
do not stir

23rd March 2017

a nightingale sings
between the chapters
of night and day

22ndMarch 2017

lazy afternoon...
watching the progress
of shape-shifting clouds

21st March 2017

in formation highway learning to read the wind

19th March 2017

first light...
for one brief moment
we breathe the same air

18th March 2017

chiff-chaffs call
from tree to tree


This is the word the Japanese have for when sunlight filters through the trees - the interplay between the light and the leaves.

17th March 2017

a stream of sound
piercing the silence

Starling chicks brought into our rescue centre when a tree branch was accidentally felled. All survived.

16th March 2017

a spring in her step...
birdsong cuts the crisp
morning air

15th March 2017

a foot of snow
after breakfast
maybe a song

14th March 2017

night train
a stranger and I
synchronise watches

12th March 2017

dream window...
all those poems locked
in my mind

11th March 2017

in the wake of spindrift
she chooses her way

11th March 2017

bitter wind
two black swans
fold into night

10th March 2017

Spring reborn...
she offers me salad
with violets

8th March 2017

receding tide
the long-billed curlew
drills for crab

7th March 2017

the price of love...
every feather arranged
just exactly so

6th March 2917

late spring
the scents of morning
and a cuckoo's call

5th March 2017

the sound of wings
slapping water

4th March 2017

morning parade
a few recruits
out of step

3rd March 2017

a shiver of wind
on the shummer of silk...

2nd March 2017


leaing the past 
on the other side...
slave to the wind

1st March 2017

the three of us
measuring the lake