17th November 2017

the shimmering light
in her wind tossed hair

16th November 2017

dying embers here i am your audience of one

15th November 2017

all that
is left of summer...

14th November 2107

wind-driven rain...
on the pond lily pads

13th November 

lava field...
invoking the wrath
of the sleeping dragon 

12th November 2017

changing seasons
his cool touch on her
withered cheek

11th November 2017

all the colours
locked in her mind
except grey

10th November 2017

heat haze
steam rising from the back
of the chestnut mare

9th November 2017

caught between the ebb and flow
baby turtles

 8th November 2017

end of drought...
in a nearby tree a sparrow
waits to quench his thirst

7th November 2017

only a whisper of wind
between us

6th November 2017

bending to hear
the last words your breathe
you take my heart captive

5th November 2017

where goes the moon
in the pre-dawn light
a gathering

4th November 2017

piercing the shroud
a fleeting thought
of damselflies

3rd November 2017

storm at sea...
along the sandbank 
a gathering of pelicans

2nd November 20174

solar wind
the way light filters
through feathers

31st October 2017

All Hallow's Eve
only the wind tapping
on the screen door

30th October 2017

in praise of all things

29th October 2017

after the show
more sky

28th October 2017

could you but live

27th October 2017

into the crucible
the last precious dregs
of day

26th October 2017

east west...
but one goose flew over
the cuckoo's nest

25th October 2017

darkest day
I will learn to love
the skies again

24 October 2017

quiet morning...
dappled light and a
pair of magpies

23rd October 2017

in the manner of Shakespeare

'tis morrow
yet no letter penned...
no muse assuaged betimes

22nd October 2017

the lost hours
of a grey day...
cutting room floor

21st October 2017

an egret and I witness
night stealing the sun

20th October 2017

one the last rose...
the tattered ends
of summer

19th October 2017

between the covers I sail
with Huck Finn