21st July 2018

once and forever
the memory of you

20th July 2018

from a far watchtower
an eagle takes flight

19th July 2018

only shadows
marking time
under the milkwood tree

18th July 2018

in the monastery courtyard
the whisper of aspens

16th  July 2018

my coffee colder
with each brush stroke...
rising sun

15th July 2018

sweet shop...
slowly a young boy
counts his pennies

14th July 2018

where goes the moon...
in the pre-dawn light
a time of crows

13th July 2018

between sun and moon
a whisper of wind
to stir clouds

12th July 20198

another rainy morning..,.
I curl up with Poe

11th July 2018

approaching night
the city wears
a stifling shroud

10th July 2018

June bride...
across fields the echo
of a ring of bells

9th July 2018

church bells
a meadow flower
crowned with jewels

8th July 2018

even sweeter
if I close my eyes...
this nightingale

7th July 2018

twilight the way light lingers on a raven's wings

6th July 2018

green eyes watch
a scamper of mice

5th July 2018

childhood drams...
no boundaries to his

4th July 2018

their song...
for an instant the light
in her eyes

3rd July 2018

summer playground
the morning dash
for the seesaw

2nd July 2018

dark side of the moon...
all the wonders still unseen

30th June 2018

counting the seconds
my grandsons and I...
half a duck

29th June 2018

all day long
the deaf child's hands...
fluttering butterflies

28th June 218

gathering gloom
these undimmed memories
shine on

27th June 2018

holiday's end
the reluctant child walks
in his mother's footprints

24th June 2018

midnight hush
the synchronised beat
of his heart and the clock

23rd June 2018

warm in bed
only the tick of the clock
and easing rain

22nd June 2018

late for tea...
laughter echoes
across the meadow

21st June 2108

passing storm...
safe in the knowledge
that birds will come