20th October 2109

between the covers I sail
with Huck Finn

19 October 2019

October sun...
all that I could wish for
in this moment

18th October  2019 

with your last breath 
you take my heart captive

17th October 2019

monochrome morning...
the muffled sound
of bleating sheep

16th October 2019 

home to roost 
all a twitter with 
the day's news

15th October  2019 


14th October 2019 

 washing day... 
on the line raindrops 
and two arrows

13th October 2019 

boulevard cafe 
sparrows scavenging 
among leaves

12th October 2019 

remembered forever 
this moment of moonlight

11th October 2019

a stream of sound
piercing the silence 

10th October 2019 

Midsummer ball... 
she glides with a whisper 
of silk

 9th October 2019 

how steady the hand that 
that lifts the scoop

8th October 2019 

my thoughts take wing 
to where you are 

  7th October 2019 

 wash day... 
 emptying his pockets 
of fluff and chocolate

6th October 2 0 1 9 

 Back to school 
at show and tell day... 
 her holiday

5th October 2019

into the silence 
the piercing wail 
of the night express

4th October 2019 

prompt  before the rain

storm warning...
the first rustle
of trembling leaves

2nd October 2109 

on glowing embers
come fire walk with me

1st October 2019 

darkest day
I will learn to love
the skies again

30th September 2019

no rash decision...
should we
take the plunge

29th September 2019

Happy hour...
the still silence
of your beauty

28th September 2019 

even the moon
is seeking your shadow...
Autumn alone

27th September 2019 

receding water...
only the skittering
of mice

 26th September 2019 

september evening...
anticipation of the first
of the summer wine

 25th September 2019 

 midsummer night

the scent of woodsmoke
drifting through laughter

24th September 2019

autumn begins...
a meadow lark's song
at any price

22nd September 2019

the one you named for me
lost in an infinity
of stars 

 21st September 2019 

rain shower...
telling the children
about the leprechaun  

20th September 2019 

sleepless night...
this sky from navy blue
to rose