23rd February 2019

even sweeter
if I close my eyes...
your laughter

Image Pixels

21st February 2-019

in the limbo
of forgiveness
awaiting her call

Image by Pixabay

20th February 2019

sweet shop
slowly a young boy
counts his pennies

19th February 2019

first instinct the need to trust

18th February 2019

open-heart surgery
Gramps flirts
with a nurse

17th February  2019

distant bells the last corvid knows the way

16th February 2019

empty room...
all that remains is
a trace of her smile

15th February 2019

snow storm across the valley echoes of an alpenhorn

14th February 2019

mail train...
between the sleepers
a dandelion springs back

13th February 2019

trade winds
the sails fill with
the scent of spices

12th February 2019


11th February 2019

February sky...
the hidden blossoms
of me cherry tree

10th February 2019

still evening air...
this twice-sung song
of a mistle thrush

9th February 2019

total eclipse...
a darkness more 
than night

8th February 2019

moon shadowed the neighbour's cat on patrol

7th February 2019

promenade cafe
all the seats in each
other's laps

6th February 2019

end of days...
they tell her she must
let him go

NB   Anniversary of the death of  King  George VI and the accession of Queen Elizabeth
5th February 2019

fading beauty...
once more she paints
over the cracks

4th February 2019

rainbow dream...
a smile on the face
of my sleeping child

3rd February 2019

night watch...
an old Brock crunching
the last ginger biscuit

2nd February 2019

heavy metal...
the parrot

1st February 2019

bone cold night
I long to hit
the escape 

31st January 2019

slow news day
only the rumble
of distant thunder

30th January 2019

gold rush
all that remains
after the eagle
has flown

29th January 2019

the wide open eyes
of my blue eyed child

28th January 2019

overnight storm...

the river tells
different story

 27th January 2019

where goes the moon...
in the pre-dawn light
a time of crows

26th January 2019

first flakes...
how gently you settle 
on my mind

first flakes...
how gently you sttle22
25th January 2019

for a silver coin...
she turns my world 
upside down

24th January 2019

winter sun...
from a birdless sky
a small white feather