21st January 2019

December morning
the old lace shawl
draping my shoulders

20th January 2019

 a stillness between
their coming and going

19th January 2019

lost in thought
I stray into the way
of butterflies

18th January 2019

popcorn sky...
the closer we get
the further they go

17th January 2019

ice breaker
an old salt breathes warmth
into his hands

16th January 2019

rosy dawn
colouring in 
each flower and leaf

15th January 2109 

beggar's tatami
only chopsticks
in his rice bowl

14th January 2019

low flying pelicans
home to roost

13th January 2019

cooling air
the shadowed grass
a little sweeter

12th January 2019

last light
all that remains
is the little I've learned

11th January 2019

beach cafe
words rain down to a 
puddle of sunshine

10th January 2019

apricot blossom
the blush of spring
on a young girl's cheeks

9th January 2019

unfazed by the parting
a heron and his shadow

8th January 2019

tangerine sky...
a song of praise
from a solitary bird

7th January 2019

arctic winds
five crows huddle
on a white roof

6th January 2019

for a single moment
she returns my smile

Image Pixabay

5th January 2019

morning haze...
heart racing I hover
on the edge of a haiku

 4th January 2109

a new day
another shard of colour
lights in my life

3rd January 2019

on glowing embers
come firewalk with me

2nd January 2019

beginning over...
a small beacon
along the way

1st January 2019

starless night
the scent of camellias
leads me to you

31st December 2018

setting out beyond the hills a new year dawns

30th December 2018

deep into winter...
the remembered scent
of lemongrass

29th December 2018

robin song...
between the rows a blackbird
stretches a worm

28th December 2018

empty sky...,
the dog and I 
starved of birdsong

27th December 2018

on the far side
of early morning silence
a gathering of crows

26th December 2018

in the call of wild geese
tatters of my dream

25th December 2018

fourth Christmas
he tells me his dream 
of sleigh bells

24th December 2018

eve of  Christmas
his nearest and dearest
home to roost

23rd December 2018

a nightingale serenade
for the crying child