16th October 2018

Sunday bells...
a spatter of oil
and sizzling eggs

 15th October 2018

brewing storm...
approaching the harbour
a furore of gulls

14th October 2018

colours of dawn...
not to disturb the silence
we talk in whispers

13th October 2018

cooling wind...
a hunting cat
distracted by ripples

12th October 2018

the coolness
and texture of mud...
the child in me

11th October 2018

deep in darkness...
claiming the silence
the cry of a wolf

10th October 2018

crisp air...
the sound of a skiier

9th October 2018

first light...
the crunching step
of the postman

8th October 2018

first sun...
a mouse is complaining 
to Buddha

A corner of my garden in May.

7th October 2018

who can tell...
the wind whispers
to the apple tree

6th October 2018

January sea...
all I need  know
of cloud secrets

5th October 2018

cold snap...
holding on to you
for one more day

4th October 2018

April morning...
the sound of fox cubs
at play

3rd October 2018

hollow shell
all that remains
a mischief of mice

2nd October 2018

storm warning...
the first rustle
of trembling leaves

1st October 2018

overnight rain...
the sound of trees

30th September 2018

from a dream of you...
autumn rain

29th September 2018

sea shanty
at its crescendo
a flight of plovers

28th September 2018

summer wind
the serenity on the face
of the harpist

27th September

autumn moon...
the wary quills
of a porcupine

26th September 2018

leaving a dream...
the patter of raindrops
and cinnamon toast

25th September 2018

school gates...
wishing you more
than the little I've learned

24th September 2018

Christmas morning...
his gift to me
unstrung pearls

22nd September 2018

the lisping sea...
we drift barefoot
from moment to moment

21st September 2018

passing storm...
the clouds display
their silver lining

20th September 2018

threat of rain...
the hovering wings 
of a kestrel

19th September 2018

wind-driven rain...
the distant sound
of hurrying feet

18th September 2018

bag lady...
another step along
a never-ending road