23rd April 2018

Harvest Home...
my Grandchildren donate
their least favourites again

22nd April 2018

last light...
she holds the images
close in her heart

21st April 2108

storm warning...
crows desert the 
fractured sky

20th April 2018

morning sun
on his face...
sleeping giant

19th April 2018

deep in the forest
tree spirits dance...
swirling mist

18th April 2018

field of dreams
among the meadowsweet
what might have been

17th April 2018

bone-cold night
the flurried wingbeats
of a mute swan

15th April 2018

lake side with Mai Lee
she offers me
bird's nest soup

14th April 2018

deep into autumn
too high the last fruit
on the persimmon tree

13th April 2018

for a moment
this dusty moonbeam
to caress me

12th April 2018

Sunday sunshine
the cat's tongue
milky white

11th April 2018

spring fever...
the brook busy
polishing stones

10th April 2018

bone cold...
wrapped in silence
on my way to you

9th April 2018

derelict house...
but with the morning

8th April 2018

under the temple tree
cool mango lassi

7th Apri 2018

cooling tea
and a smile in his eyes...


6th April 2018

garden party
the breeze in and out
of conversations

5th April 2018

night falls
the way this river keeps singing

4th April 2018

how fleeting the taste 
of your name on my tongue

3rd April 2018

moving day...
back and forth
a pair of blue tits

2nd April 2018

April shower...
over my shoulder
a rainbow

1st April 2018

the female overtone...
I slow down
and breathe

30th March 2018

gone away
how shall I squander
all this love

29th March 2018

in birdsong...
this other Eden

28th March 2018

moving in...
a child's growth in inches
under the wallpaper

27th March 2018

summer winds...
a  serene moment
of perfect balance

26th March 2108

Easter Sunday...
sharing the smell of freshly baked bread

25th March 2018

approaching storm...
the snickers and snorts
of a white stallion

24th March 2018

empty nest...
even the wind has deserted
their playground