18th September 2019

last rays...
th first cicada sings
his song of love

17th September 2019

early morning...
she sidles up to him
with a smile

16th September 2019

only the heaving sigh
of the wind

15th September 2019

high noon...
nothing stirs
but a one-eyed cat


14th September 2019

 following birds...
following the scent
of hickory smoke

13th September 2009 

butterfly morning 
all my thoughts hover 
around you

12th September 2019

autumn languor
the soft shadows
of dying roses

11th September 2019

caressing perfection

a touch of moonlight

10th September 2019

ploughing contest...
the farm horse wearing
a scarecrow's hat

 8Sept 2010 

a child and his dog 
rolling in leaves

6th September 2019

runaway the three of us measuring the lake

5th September 2019

Summer's end...
you and I swallow
planning our flight

4th September 2019

between heaven and earth
in the company
of eagles

3rd September 2019

these evenings
with sand between my toes...
sometimes it's easy

2nd September 2019

cool wind...
the scents of summer 
in her hair

1st September 2019

blue moon
how gently you paint the darkness

31st August 2019

autumn mist...
summer slips away

30th August 2019

moving day...
all that remains
of our youth

28th August 2019

moonlit moment...
waiting for morning
waiting for bees

27th August 2019

autumn treasure...
soupcons of the sun
freckle the field

 26th August 2019

unfazed  by the parting
a heron and his shadow

25th August 2019

hall of mirrors
all the mistakes
on my way to you

24th August 2019

does the rain sound different
to the calf in the womb

22nd August 2019

vin rouge
are the flowers swaying...
or is it me

20th August 2019

afternoon calm
from the tea house
the sound of laughter

Published in Haiku Masters 2018

19th August 2019

wild wind...
once again this impulse
to fly