26th May 2020

wedding day...
a boy in the fifth row
counts his marbles

 25th May 2020

self- isolating...
from the kitchen
only a

24th May 2020

the taste
of May on my tongue...
could there be unicorns

23rd May 2020

siesta time...
inside the cage only

sparrow song

22nd May 2020

lifting her hem...
Sister Mary Ambrose
plays hopscotch

21st May 2020

a stillness between
their coming and going

20th May 2020

who can tell...
the wind whispers
to the apple tree

19th May 2020

beach cafe
words rain down to a
puddle of sunshine

18th May 2020

wrinkled sea
the frown lines easing
from my brow

17th May 2020

 storm warning...
a third gull settles
on the bell buoy

16th May 2020

new velvet...
this quiet moment
listening to the wind 

15th May 2020

garden party...
between conversations
a capricious breeze

12th May 2020

monochrome morning...
only a chattering
of magpies

11th Maqy 2020

after the harvest
sealing the vaults...
Queen's treasury

11th May 2020

keeping safe
we rendezvous...
under the flower moon

10th May 2020

to Daniel Defoe...
must be Friday

9th May 2020

riding the waves five gulls
and a flip-flop

8th May 2020

a shiver of wind
on the shimmer of silk...

7th May 2020

even the moon
is seeking your shadow...
Autumn alone

6th May 2020

first light on the forest floor shadow dance

3rd May 2020

I gather my stray thoughts
to hoard

29th April 2020

beguiled by spring I freewheel on the way
to somewhere else

28th April 2020

the space between us
filling with wind