22nd April 2021

cloud-gazing the day drifts on without me

 21st April 2021

where goes the moon
in the pre-dawn light
a time of crows

20th April 2021

bone cold...
wrapped in silence
on my way to you 

19th April 2021

 overnight frost
in a park full of pigeons
an angel appears

A frost flower is a name commonly given to a condition in which thin layers of ice are extruded from long-stemmed plants in autumn or early winter. The thin layers of ice are often formed into exquisite pattern


 18th April 2021

eight life...
dreaming of the hunt
a circle of cat

 17th April 2021

last light...
she holds the images
close in her heart

15th April 2021

lake side with Mai Lee
she offers me
bird's nest soup

 14th April 2021

for a moment this dusty moonbeam to caress me

13th April 2021

birthday boy...
a finger in too many

 12th April 2021

how fleeting the taste of your name
on my tongue

 11th April 2021

barely Spring...
the Robin's been

 10th April 2021

street boy faster than
the lychee hawker

 9th April 2021

evening shroud...
a village clings
to the mountainside

 8th April 2021

morning haze... 
the stillness shattered 
by butterflies

 7th April 2021

barely Spring
from bank to bank
lovesick marsh frogs

6th April 2021

into a moonbeam
my shadow and I
May be an image of sky, tree and text
Mike Keville and 5 others

 5th April 2021

the old dog shivers 
from head to tail

 4th April 2021

remembering the house 
than the trees

3rd April 2021

September wine
the mellow overtones
of birdsong

 2nd April 2021

tea house
a sudden shower
of cherry blosso

 1st April 2021

treasure hunt
fondant cream drips from the jaws
of a smiling mutt

 31st March 2021

again on the softest breeze
the scent of you

28th March 202

garden party
the breeze in and out
of conversations

 27th March 2021

I am lulled by the silence
of songbirds

 25th March 2021

rain song
deeper into night
a craving for

 25th March 2021

popcorn clouds
the closer we come
the further they go