These I have loved

The voice of Domingo, the art of Van Gogh,
the rose pink flamingo, Shakespeare and Chekhov.
Circus performers from slim wires suspended
and birds flying freely as nature intended.

Love’s sweet enchantment, the first light of dawning,
the skylark exultant on a sweet summer morning.
First smile of an infant and reggae, Jamaican,
lemon scent pungent and sizzling bacon.

The web of a spider with sky shining through,
the down of the eider - and singing bamboo.
The plopping of raindrops through canopied trees,
a gurgling stream or the sigh of a breeze.

A lop-sided scarecrow, the portent of swallows,
a beauteous rainbow and the blue sky that follows.
The laughter of children enthralled by a clown
.The first star of evening, the sun going down.

The sails of a windmill, Buonarotti’s ‘Pieta’,
the singing of violins and musical theatre.
The touch of your hand on my brow when I’m fevered,
the embrace on my skin as the boat turns to windward.

A smile from stranger, pure creamy white doves,
the sensuous feeling of soft doeskin gloves.
A burgeoning Spring, Summer’s long carefree days,
the abundance of Autumn, horse-drawn Winter sleighs.

The Lord’s gift of senses all leading me through,
a world fill with beauty – sights much loved and new.

© Grace Galton December 2004

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