A Fallen Leaf

Wearied by the nascent journey
through Spring’s garish lime and
tender green, and on to Summer’s
energetic dance of lemon yellow,
peach and golden brown; at last
triumphantly to reach the crown
of sweet perfection in a crimson gown.
All passion spent, she swoons,
swings delicately on a hinge,
arcs languidly toward the ground,
softly whispering her goodbyes
echoing the warm wind’s sighs.
There, lingering gracefully, she dies.
Her sacrifice is not unwonted;
All such as she - all russet beauties
with graciousness and sweet amore
will wave farewell to summer’s mirth,
then marry with the chocolate earth
to unify and nourish future birth.

© Grace Galton 17th September 2005

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