Down the corridors of my mind

you lead me through the labyrinth way.
‘Come, my love, and we will find
again, that treasured, golden day’.

So hand in hand we roam once more

through measured time to a precious year,
when standing on Sorrento’s shore -
the sea still shimmers crystal clear.
And once aboard the yacht we sight
amid the hazy hush of morn,
the shrouded cliffs now tipped with light
in the first rays of the dawn reborn.

So here we pause and time stands still,

the world about recedes to nought.
Encapsulated here we will
tryst yet again with a single thought.

For now the golden moments start,

that halcyon day by Capri’s side
which lingers ever in my heart,
will ever in my mind, abide.

(For my beloved husband, Ralph)

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